Tanather (“Tah-nah-therr”) is the Messlinian Deity of necromancy, death, decay and the undead. It is True Neutral. It is the counterpart of Shimos, but does not actively or aggressively oppose that deity. It is considered one of the oldest deities in the world, and exists not only in Messlinian culture but also the mythologies of Varrash and the southeast tribal orcs. The Elven empires do not believe in Tanather as a deity, but acknowledge its existence as an entity in connection to the concepts of death and undeath. Ironically, Tanather is rarely worshipped by even the most religious of necromancers; its True Neutral status conflicting with the Chaotic Evil tendencies of hedge necromancers. Tanather’s domain is Death.

Tanather is most often depicted as a giant human skeleton-shaped construct composed entirely of smaller interlinked skeletons of all varieties; sapient and animal, and clad in a grey shawl. It is usually implied in these depictions that Tanather is around 100 metres tall.

It has a temple in the cityport of Tarn, and places of worship across Varrash and Messlin.

Tanather’s blessed weapons are the scythe and war-scythe, as well as any magical weapon constructed primarily of bone. Its symbol is a skull overlaid on a six-pointed star made of tibias.


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