Shimos is the Messlinian Deity of life. It is Neutral Good and is the counterpart of Tanather. Shimos’ domain is Life.

Shimos is most often depicted as a silver mint plant growing in a marsh.

It has a large temple in the cityport of Tarn, and various shrines across the Great Mint Marsh.

Shimonian clerics are forbidden from directly causing harm to any living being (including engineered abominations of the flesh) that is not harmed automatically by way of the cleric’s natural bodily processes; and lose their powers upon doing so, even by accident. They may attack elementals and constructs and are obliged to attack undead unless doing so would precipitate harm to a living being.

Shimos does not bless any weapons, or any action that causes harm. Rather it blesses the ability to cure and heal, and its clerics may at any time convert any memorised uncast non-healing spell into a healing or curing type spell that the cleric knows and can cast. They may wield any weapon against an enemy they are permitted to attack unless that weapon has a greater than 20% chance of hurting a living being as a side-effect of missing an attack.

Shimos’ symbol is a mint leaf.


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