Schedraenth (“Sked-renth”) is the Messlinian God of pillaging, raiders, berserkers, warbands, destruction and dragons. He is Neutral Evil. His domain is War.

Schedraenth is most commonly depicted as a humanoid with a dragon head, tail and wings, clad in spike-bedecked black plate armour and carrying a battle-axe. He is sometimes portrayed as a literal dark red dragon.

He has a shrine in the cityport of Tarn, but worship at it is strictly monitored and controlled. He is worshipped primarily by pirates sailing the great southeast sea, and by bands of ex-messlinian barbarians patrolling the marshes and mountains of central Dawnsombre.

Schedraenth’s blessed weapon is the battle-axe and his symbol is alternately a minimalist depiction a burning house or a vertically viewed dragon face.

The elves of the Elven Empire acknowledge Schedraenth, but believe him a demon and an aspect of spiritual evil unworthy of worship. In the traditional Varrasian religions there is no distinction between gods and demons, but perception of Schedraenth is universally negative.

Schedraenth is one of only three Messlinian deities known to have empowered mortal avatars, the other two being Polisia and Tanather.


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