Restorex (Rez-tore-recks), the deep dragon; is and/or was a dragon suspected of fueling the collapse of the second Elven Empire and the crash of Dwarf-Lord society that led Yash-Faram to found the Republic of Messlin. He is the brother of Astronax and Jakorax.

Restorex was a jet black dragon with violet eyes, around 200 metres long from nose to tail-tip, who supposedly lived in a cavern system stretching beneath the continent of Dawnsombre from the Mountains of the Dwarf-Lords to the kingdom of Varrash, across the Elven Empire. Despite his subterranean habitat, Restorex had wings as large and functional as those of his brothers.

Restorex revelled in treachery and corruption, causing existing social structures to rend their parent societies apart through vice. Many cases of corruption in public officials would half-jokingly be blamed on Restorex’s whisperings in the caverns below Tarn, though it is entirely possible that this was the case. Many legends say that Restorex is the only one of the three brothers to amass a traditional dragon hoard of gold and riches, such a thing being useful for bribery and corruption through human and demi-human proxies. It is strongly hinted in surviving records that Restorex possessed the magical ability to transmute practically any base matter into gold, which would have helped this endeavour.

Some stories claim that Restorex was responsible for Astronax’s knowledge of his brother Jakorax’s whereabouts in the time leading up to the former’s murder of the latter. These were never corroborated, but are likely.

No story of Restorex involves him suffering death or serious injury (in fact, he only flies above the surface world in one short tale) so it is generally assumed that he is still alive or met his end since withdrawing from contact with other beings. His relationship with Astronax, if the former is also still alive, is unknown.


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