Lyenaless (“LIE-na-LESS”) is the Messlinian God of authority, righteousness, order and law. He is Lawful, with no definitive moral alignment. He is the diametric opposite of Vessesach. His domain is Law.

Lyenaless is most often depicted as a male humanoid of ambiguous species with pitch black skin, clad in a suit of silver-coloured green-trimmed armour with a full-face helm, riding a similarly-clad black bear.

He has a temple and mission in the cityport of Tarn. Each distinct church of Lyenaless tends to make a definitive assertion of his moral alignment; consequently he is worshipped in separate instances as a Lawful Good, Lawful Evil and Lawful Neutral god. Adherents to each of these interpretations tend to aggressively deny the legitimacy of the other two.

Lyenaless’ blessed weapons are the Handaxe and the Bastard Sword, and his symbol is an upward-reaching clenched fist overlaid on an inverted equilateral triangle.


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