Jakorax (Jay-kor-racks), the blood dragon; was a dragon who terrorised the Varrasian tribal lands of orcs and humans that existed south of the Sea of Bells before the Kingdom of Varrash was formed. He was the brother of Astronax and Restorex, the creator of the Dragonborn and, according to legend, the Avatar of Schedraenth.

In old Varrasian and Elvish legend, Jakorax kidnapped and enslaved humans and orcs from the Varrasian tribal villages. Jakorax reportedly experimented on these beings, as all pregnancies in the resultant prisoner population ended with the laying of large smooth eggs. The resultant hatchlings became the Dragonborn species, who Jakorax bred as an elite army to wage war against the powerful Second Post-Primordial Elven Empire.

Jakorax was dark red in colour, with gold highlights; and approximately 250 metres long including from noise to tail-tip. He held no roost, preferring to dominate the terrestrial inhabitants of the flatlands he terrorised; and had no mate. His ultimate goal was to subdue and pillage the nations of the world of dawnsombre by force.

Jakorax was killed by his brother Astronax during the climactic clash beween the Dragonborn and Elvish armies. Most of the combatants were killed in Astronax’s stellar bombardment, but the surviving Dragonborn retreated north into the more inhospitable peaks of the mountains of the Dwarf-lords and began the Dragonborn race.


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