Iyery (“Ire-ey”) is the Messlinian God of weapons and violence. He is Chaotic Evil and exists in both the human and dwarf aspects of the pantheon. He also features in goblin folklore, where he is a bogeyman-type figure called the Urgtagger – lit. “Ironlugger”. Those stories tell of Iyery’s betrayal of a servitude to Nycha in order to pursue Ranret, and his obsession with hurting Nycha in revenge for her punishments by spiriting off the children of her chosen people, the goblins. His domain is Trickery.

Iyery is almost universally depicted as a thin gold-skinned goblinoid akin to a malnourished bugbear, carrying a claymore that drags along the ground.

In the Dwarvish telling of the story, Hocer forged a mighty suit of armour for Ranret that fused to her body in order to discourage the evil Iyery from attacking her.

Worshippers of Iyery are very rare, as all interpretations of him (human, dwarven and goblin) portray him as an unsympathetic entity with very few redeeming qualities. Accordingly, he is more often observed than actively worshipped, particularly in rituals.

Iyery’s blessed weapon is the claymore and his symbol is a crossbow bolt overlaid on a crossed mace and shortsword.


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