Astronax (az-tro-nacks), the star dragon; is and/or was a magical dragon with the power to call bombardments of light and heat from the depths of space. He is the brother of Jakorax and Restorex.

Astronax was a white dragon with blue eyes, around 150 metres long from nose to tail-tip; who roosted on Deathfall peak, the highest and most inhospitable of the mountains of the Dwarf-Lords. He created the plains and steppes northwest of the great mint marsh by descending upon the forces of the Elven Empire sent to remove him and bombarding the area of forest with lances of light from the stars, obliterating all life, both animal and vegetable. The area of desert created was too large for anything more than scrubland and occasional savannah to form on it, despite the quality of the soil remaining.

Despite being the brother of Jakorax, the blood dragon, Astronax was openly hostile to both his brother’s dragonborn forces and their enemies in the elven empire and the Varrasian territories. Where his brothers favoured military and social destruction, respectively, Astronax revelled in chaos, primal force and the obliteration of all things.

Existing accounts disagree over the final fate of Astronax. Most agree that he entered the frontier battle between the dragonborn and the elves to destroy Jakorax (possibly under manipulation such by Restorex) and succeeded, though here some witnesses claim that in the bombardment Astronax himself was also killed. Others claim that Astronax disappeared after the battle and lurks still beyond the sea under the Dragon Star.

Still more legends say Astronax is the dragon who detonated over the Varrasian wastes to create the crevasse containing the Well of horrors, but this is heavily disputed, and the current carrying theory is that that dragon was most likely Eflaaz.


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