Dawnsombre is a 5E D&D setting revolving around a continent of the same name.

“The end of the world came. And we’re all still here.”

The gods of the old magic are gone, and with them went the elves’ ability to understand and use what little of the old magic remains. The post-primordial empire; itself the legacy of elven tribal heroine Istaryn; is in its third iteration and rusting as it tries to cling to the awesome power it wielded at its inception. Istaryn’s historic homeland of the Isle of Bells lies caught between two growing political tensions: the frozen kingdom of Varrash with its orcish cabals to the south; and the tense young humano-dwarf Republic of Messlin to the northeast. New gods have arisen to tend the fields and domains that were once the purview of the Old Magic, and stories of societies unrecognisable to Messlinian or Varasian minds come floating down from the far North and the treacherous mountains of the West.

It is a time of high anxieties, rapid change and new beginnings. And as the young Messlinian gods approach their celestial adolescence; the promise of conflict anew hangs heavy in the air.

The Isle of Bells
The Elven Empire
The Sakura Shogunate
Port Thomas
The Lawfell